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for sustainable sourcing

About Ethagon

Ethagon is building an online platform to help businesses source sustainable goods and materials

B2B Platform for Sustainable Sourcing

One of the biggest challenges faced by sustainable and responsible businesses is finding vendors and partners who are as committed to sustainability. Our research in supplier-based economies has indicated that the movement towards sustainability, in whatever limited capacity it has happened till now, has largely been driven by the forces of market demand.

Supply chains happen to be responsible for more than two-thirds of carbon emissions. They also tend to be heavily concentrated in developing economies whose vulnerable populations bear the dual brunt of foreign consumerism and domestic industrialisation. This makes a compelling case for creating business models that aid with the transitioning of these economies towards sustainability with the inherent potential of creating huge impact.

Every business, whether sustainable or not, exists for the primary purpose of creating financial value. Without which the business simply ceases to exist. And with this, any other purpose which the business aspires to achieve — social and environmental, because that’s what should matter to every business as much as it does to us — bites the proverbial dust.

It is with the recognition of this fundamental truth about markets that Ethagon has come into existence. By making it convenient for buyers to source sustainable materials. By providing suppliers with easy access to a marketplace which values their products. Bringing them together through reliance on quality data. Through this, we aspire to develop an ecosystem which enables markets across different geographies to make greater strides towards sustainability.

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If you are a business which manufactures or sources sustainable goods and materials, we would love to hear from you. We are currently creating the building blocks of this ecosystem and as its primary stakeholders, your opinion and feedback really matters. Trials are planned to commence soon. 


Please drop us an email if you’d like to know more about how we can help with your sustainability and business goals.

Ethagon Ltd is a registered business in England and Wales